Designed for French B2B startups

America is a huge opportunity for French tech entrepreneurs​, but scaling in the US is tough​. A regular expansion takes from 1 to 2 years, we get you there in a few weeks through a 3 steps program.

Our Method Lays in 3 Steps


1 - Bootcamp

Coaching: individual sessions to perfect your speech and build an impactful sales deck

Online Mentoring: 1:1 with high-level executives on your most critical questions

Strategy: individual sessions to define your go to market strategy, perfect your pitch, and build an impactful sales deck

2 - Land

Spend 2 week in the US

  • Group expeditions in NYC & SF to visit HQs of innovative startups/corporates
  • On-site Mentoring: 1:1 with high-level executives on your most critical questions
  • 2 Demo Nights in New York and San Francisco
  • Group sessions: +10 peer-learning sessions

3 - Business Development

Apply what you’ve learned

Test your market fit
and nail your messaging

Business meetings roadshow in the US

A Hybrid Program Built for french founders

Kickstart your US journey

Our program is here to fast track your roadmap, get fast results, and land in the U.S in a few weeks.

Master the metrics that matter in the US, structure your team and processes to be ready to scale and run cross-border operations efficiently.

Validate your GTM strategy

Put your strategy to the test by working with us on a GTM specific to the U.S market.

Build your US network

Leverage our community of mentors, experts, and CEOs. Having an exclusive access to our network will help you close deals, build a team, and raise funds in the US.

Grow as a CEO

Learn from top executives and leaders in their industry who have built successful businesses and want to help you build yours.

Our partners

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Not sure if the program is built for you? Get in touch with the team.