Our Mission

America is a huge opportunity for French tech startups, but scaling in the US is tough. A regular expansion takes from 1 to 2 years, we get you there in a few weeks.

Impact USA, the method and network to scale in the USA


Startups accelerated


Secured US clients within 1 year post program


Capital raised by our alumni


Mentors and experts to help you succeed


What Entrepreneurs Say About Us

“SaaS Lander pushed us to move forward. In the past, we kept on talking about the U.S., this program gave us all the keys to act upon it.”

Adrien Nussenbaum
Adrien Nussenbaum
Co-Founder and CEO Mirakl

"Understand the US in 6 weeks instead of 6 months and avoid major mistakes."

Alban Clot
Founder - Managing director Supervizor

"The shortest way to scale your business (in the US but not only)."

Henri Foucaud
Co-founder & CEO Hapticmedia

“What is SaaS Lander? A fast track to the US”.

Simon Tchedikian
Simon Tchedikian
Cofounder and CEO Sevenhugs

“For the fans of Back to the Future, episode 2 is catapulting us into the future. It’s the same thing with SaaS Lander.”

Adrien Menard
Adrien Menard
Co-Founder and CEO Botify
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Our Method Lays in 3 Steps

After 5 successful years, we developed a unique method for French tech startups ready to expand in the US. We help you find your optimal go to market strategy and get first results through a 3 steps program.

1 - Learn To Scale

Group sessions, mentoring and individual sessions to design your US go to market strategy.

2 - Land

A week in the US with 2 demo nights in San Francisco and New York. Meet mentors, investors and potential partners.

3 - Execute

Access to a dedicated desk at one of our Business France offices. Meet partners and execute your strategy.

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Apply To The Next Edition

Kickstart your US journey, validate your go to market strategy and build your US network in just a few weeks.

Boost your preparation

Analyze your competition, refine your strategic positioning & messaging.

Master the metrics that matter in the US, structure your team andprocesses to be ready to scale and run cross-border operationsefficiently.

Get more opportunities

Join a community of 160+ peer-entrepreneurs with global ambitions and get challenged by mentors from all over the US at anytime.

Interact with a bigger cohort of entrepreneurs as we merged NY & SF batches.

On your schedule

A series of live interactive sessions in the evening to limit disruptions to your schedule.

Combined with onsite events in the US, to meet in person. ​Carry on with you daily work while following an MBA-type remote program.

At an affordable cost​

​Train your entire team and still save on travel expenses, jetlag, time, etc.​

Save that budget for when you come to the US for the next phase of your development plan.​

Ready To Expand In The US?

With its unique method combining learning, networking, and execution, SaaS Lander tackles the challenges most entrepreneurs face when entering the American market.

Not sure if the program is built for you? Get in touch with the team.